File upload API call for larger than 64MB hangs for SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive connector

If you noticed that your file upload hangs for larger than 64MB size then you can try following possible workaround to see if it fixes the issue.

Fix-1: Use the latest version

There was an issue with uploading chunk requests in the older version which we fixed in both SSIS PowerPack and ODBC PowerPack so try to get the latest version and try again to see if it works.

Fix-2: Change Upload chunk size

If you cannot get the latest version or for some reason it is not helping then try the below.

Basically you have use edit connector file to below

Find a line like below

<Param Name="BytesPerSplit" Type="Property" Value="33554432" Hidden="True" />

Change 33554432 (32MB) per file upload chunk to greater than file you like to upload
For example your file is 200MB then change the chunk size to something like 201MB => 201 x 1024 x 1024 = 210763776 (bytes)
So your new value will be like below

<Param Name="BytesPerSplit" Type="Property" Value="210763776" Hidden="True" />

You can learn more about how to edit connector file using the below link