What are the different license in SSIS PowerPack?

In SSIS PowerPack, we offer various types of licenses, and in this article, we’ll outline the differences between them:

Free Edition:

This is our trial version, providing full access for 30 days. After the trial period, the tool can be used exclusively within Visual Studio. However, some free components remain accessible. The components available with this license include:

  1. JSON Parser Task (for Control Flow)
  2. XML Parser Task (for Control Flow)
  3. Compression Task (Zip/Unzip)
  4. Send HTML Email Task
  5. Regex Parser Task
  6. Logging Task
  7. Download File Task
  8. Timer Task
  9. DummyData Source
  10. Trash Destination
  11. Set Variable Transform
  12. Template Transform

Standard Edition:

Our entry-level license, cost-effective yet with fewer components for Amazon, Azure, MongoDB, and more. The components available with this license include:

  1. Export XML File Task
  2. Advanced File System Task
  3. Validation Task
  4. Amazon Redshift Cluster Management Task
  5. REST API Web Service Task
  6. Export Excel File Task
  7. Export JSON File Task
  8. Export CSV File task
  9. Amazon S3 Cloud Storage Task
  10. Azure Blob Storage Task
  11. Amazon Redshift Data Transfer Task
  12. Amazon Redshift ExecuteSQL Task
  13. Amazon DynamoDB ExecuteSQL Task
  14. MongoDB ExecuteSQL Task
  15. Reporting Services (SSRS) Task
  16. Google Analytics Source
  17. HTML Table Source
  18. JSON Source (REST API Source)
  19. XML Source (File / SOAP / REST Web Service)
  20. MongoDB Source
  21. Azure Table Storage Source
  22. Amazon DynamoDB Source
  23. MongoDB Destination
  24. Azure Table Storage Destination
  25. Amazon AWS DynamoDB Destination
  26. JSON Parser Transform (for Data Flow)
  27. XML Parser Transform (for Data Flow)
  28. XML Generator Transform
  29. JSON Generator Transform

Professional Edition:

The second-tier license, offering a more comprehensive version of the Standard Edition. It includes additional components for Salesforce, Dynamics, Excel, extended support for Amazon, Azure, JSON files, CSV files, PostgreSQL, XML files, SFTP, and more. The components available with this license include:

  1. Salesforce API Task (Call REST/SOAP API)
  2. Salesforce Source
  3. Salesforce Destination
  4. Dynamics CRM Source
  5. Dynamics CRM Destination
  6. Web API Destination
  7. Amazon SQS Source
  8. Amazon Redshift Source
  9. Amazon Redshift Destination
  10. Amazon SQS Destination
  11. Azure Queue Storage Source
  12. Azure Queue Storage Destination
  13. JSON File Destination
  14. XML File Destination
  15. CSV File Source (With API Support)
  16. CSV Destination
  17. CSV Parser Transform
  18. CSV Generator Transform (New)
  19. Excel File Source
  20. Excel File Destination
  21. Amazon S3 CSV File Source
  22. Amazon S3 CSV File Destination
  23. Amazon S3 XML File Source
  24. Amazon S3 JSON File Source
  25. Azure Blob CSV File Source
  26. Azure Blob CSV File Destination
  27. Azure Blob XML File Source
  28. Azure Blob JSON File Source
  29. Secure FTP CSV File Source
  30. Secure FTP CSV File Destination
  31. Secure FTP XML File Source
  32. Secure FTP JSON File Source
  33. PostgreSQL ExecuteSql Task
  34. PostgreSQL Source
  35. PostgreSQL Destination
  36. Upsert Destination (Insert, Update, Delete)

Enterprise Edition:

Our highest-level license, features all the components of the Professional Edition plus two unique components: the API source and the API destination. Notably, the API component provides robust connectivity to various technologies, simplifying the exchange of data. For a detailed list of connectors available in our Enterprise Edition, please refer to this article

For a detailed comparison of the components included in each of our licenses, please refer to our comprehensive comparison table available in this link