Using ODBC Test Utility for Testing ODBC Low Level API Calls (part of MDAC SDK)

Sometimes you like to test Low-level ODBC API calls for a specified ODBC Driver then you can use a really nice utility called MS ODBC Test is how to do it. For example testing ODBC PowerPack drivers

  1. Download MDAC SDK (around 15MB) from here
  2. Extract / Install this to some location
  3. Find ODBC Test utility folder which has odbct32w.exe
    odbct32w.exe - MS ODBC Test Utility
  4. Run odbct32w.exe
  5. Click on the Connect icon
    MS ODBC Test Utility - Connect ODBC DSN
  6. Now type your query and click the run icon to test
    MS ODBC Test Utility - Run / Test SQL

Test ODBC SQLGetData

To test SQLGetData for a specific column you can try below steps

  1. First perform the steps in the previous section
  2. Call SQLFetch like below
  3. Call SQLGetData like below
  4. Enter the Column number and the datatype you like to fetch. Click OK and confirm the result.