Using Dummy Data Source in SSIS

This article guides you through utilizing the Dummy Data Source in SSIS to populate tables with random data for testing purposes. You can check the component’s page here

Drag and drop the Dummy Data Source component into the Data Flow.

In the Dummy Data Source settings, select the columns you need for your test data. You can create new columns based on your requirements. Specify the number of rows you want in the output.

Set the examples for columns, and for numeric column data types, specify the scale and precision as needed.

Connect the Dummy Data Source to a destination component. In this example, a Trash Destination is used for demonstration purposes, allowing you to enable the data viewer and inspect the generated data.

The Dummy Data Source in SSIS proves to be a valuable tool for generating random data for testing and development. If you encounter any challenges or have specific use cases, feel free to contact our support chat on our website or via email at