Troubleshooting Malformed License Key Errors in ZappySys License Manager


When opening the License Manager and entering your new license, you are getting this error:

ZappySys.Common.LicenseException: SignatureInvalid >> : The license code is malformed - license code in Base64 or Base32(for short license codes) format expected.

at ZappySys.Common.LcMgr.(String , String& , LcInfo& , WebException& , Boolean )
at ZappySys.Common.LcMgr..()
at ZappySys.Common.WebUtil.ExecuteWebActionWithRetry(Func`1 action, Int32 maxWaitSec, Int32 iterationSleepMs, Int32 maxRetry, List`1 retryForStatus, Boolean throwEx, ILogger logger)
at ZappySys.Common.LcMgr.Register(String lcKey, String& offlineErr, LcInfo& info, Boolean loadValidOnly, ILogger logger)
at LicenseManager.LicenseDetail.(Object , EventArgs )

This error means you are using a malformed license; it is not the correct license key.


Please verify if your license key is complete and in the right format; you can find it in the order confirmation email.

If you cannot find your confirmation email, contact us via chat on our web page so our support team can help you find your license manager.