Support for Salesforce API 59.0

Hi people of ZappySys,

We’re helping our clients migrating their data from certain systems to (new) Salesforce environments. There are some clients and prospects that make use of functionalities (objects and fields) which seem to be only available via Salesforce API 59.0 instead of API 55.0. I believe that the latest version of ZappySys supports up to API 55.0.

It’s important for us to be able to both select the latest objects (and fields, as specified below) that are live with the API 59.0 as source and also as destination (since we’re importing data into the new objects and checking the data once it’s imported).

Also, there are objects which can be selected via the Salesforce Source and Salesforce Destination Components, but contain fields based on the newest (59.0) API-version. Unfortunately, we can’t seem to select those fields within the objects.

Are you planning on releasing a new version of ZappySys soon that supports the newest API 59.0? Could you specify when this would be implemented?

I look forward to hearing from your team.

Thanks in advance,


We do have an option to change default API Version to higher or lower. Try below see it helps.

  1. Goto Salesforce Connection UI
  2. Go to Advanced Tab and edit the API Version to something like 59.0
  3. Click OK and save the UI and try to see on Salesforce Source if new fields available.
    Change default Salesforce SOAP API version

Awesome! This seems to work, thanks Nayan. Have a nice day!

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