SSIS PowerPack v5.3.2 released

Version [Oct 20, 2023]

New Features/Improvements

  • NEW: All Source Components - Throw Validation warning if not attached to avoid issues when it runs from Jobs (Optimized mode after Publish)
  • NEW: API Connector - Azure DevOps - Update Examples to support more than 20000 workitems, Add support for IsSqlEndPoint (#DirectSQL)
  • NEW: API Connector - Azure DevOps - Updated query_workitems endpoint to be treated as IsSqlEndPoint (support for #DirectSQL prefix)
  • NEW: API Connector - Google Drive - Add ContineOn404Error support in Files / Folders endpoints which takes File Id as input
  • NEW: API Connector - Google Drive - Add lookup support in Files / Folders table
  • NEW: API Connector - Google Drive - Add support for Shared Drive for all operations (i.e. Download / Upload / Delete / List) - Useful for Workspace / G-Suites Users
  • NEW: General - Allow multiple add / subtract operations on datetime placeholder function (e.g. <<today-1d-1y+1m,FUN_TODATE>> )
  • NEW: JSON / XML / CSV Source, REST API Task, Web API Destination - Show clear message how to pass body with GET request when user click edit button next to disabled body
  • NEW: Salesforce Source - Allow to detect metadata for simple query where table is empty without throwing error - No records returned for specified table/query
  • NEW: Upsert Destination - Add Explanation Link about Insert and Update Checkboxes

Bug fixes

  • FIX: API Connector - Azure DevOps - Using slash throws JSON encoding error sometimes (e.g. IterationPath can have slash)
  • FIX: API Connector - Google Drive - create_folder endpoint creating file rather than folder
  • FIX: API Connector - Google Drive - EndPoint list_files should not include folders
  • FIX: API Connector - Google Drive - EndPoints like list_files, list_folders, list_items and tables like Files, Folders should not include deleted items
  • FIX: Secure FTP Task - Upload Action does not throw error if source file is missing