Salesforce source Bulk API option checkbox

Hi, the current method to download data from SF with the bulk api is very complex. PLease add a checkbox like kingswaysoft to use the bulk api for downloading SF data

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Hey.!!!, I totally get where you’re coming from. Dealing with Salesforce data downloads can be a real hassle sometimes. I’ll definitely pass on your suggestion.

Thanks a bunch for sharing your thoughts!

We’ve got you covered. Please check out our article on querying Salesforce data using the Bulk API in SSIS here:
How to query salesforce data using Bulk API in SSIS

Plus, we offer our SalesForce Source for effortless data retrieval from Salesforce and our Salesforce Destination for seamless bulk data loading. These tools make integrating Salesforce data into your workflows a breeze. Feel free to explore and simplify your data operations!

Thanks for your answer. The current method to query salesforce data using bulk api is way to complex and very time consuming compared to kingswaysoft. So please have a look at the kingswaysoft solution for this. Really easy to use and implement.

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Yep, I’ve already added the feature request and escalated it to our development team…:+1:

Thank you very much.