Reading CSV Files from SFTP in SSIS


This guide will demonstrate how to read one or more CSV files from an SFTP server efficiently using the ZappySys tool within SSIS.


  • SSIS PowerPack: Download and install the ZappySys SSIS PowerPack from the Customer Download Area or trial version

  • SFTP Server: Ensure you have access to an SFTP server with the necessary credentials.

Use Case

The tool streamlines fetching data from an SFTP server without downloading files, enabling seamless integration into a local database.


1.Create an SFTP Connection:

2.Configure SSIS FTP Source for CSV Files:

  • Drag and drop a Data Flow task in your SSIS package.
  • add an SSIS FTP Source for CSV Files component within the Data Flow.
  • Select the previously created connection, choose a file, and preview the data.
  • Click OK to save the configuration.


The tool is compatible with plain text files.


Employ a wildcard to retrieve multiple CSV files, ensuring uniform file formats.

  • Example: /path/data*.csv
  • Example: /path/*.csv


Following these steps, you can efficiently read CSV files from an SFTP server using the ZappySys tool within SSIS. This process enhances data integration and minimizes the need for manual file downloads. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, you can contact our support team via chat on our website or through email at


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