ODBC PowerPack v1.8.2 released

Version [Oct 20, 2023]

New Features/Improvements

  • NEW: All Drivers - Remember last query when you Open / Close UI
  • NEW: JDBC Bridge Driver - Hide objects like INDEX, SEQUENCE, SYSTEM INDEX, Blank Type
  • NEW: JSON / XML/ CSV Driver - Add support for AccessMode in WITH clause - Query builder generated SQL throws error - Execution error: Query execution error: Option ‘accessmode’ is not supported!
  • NEW: JSON / XML/ CSV Driver - When Direct Value set and you select from Table dropdown throwing an error for Direct String mode ‘Data Path’ parameter must be set
  • NEW: JSON, XML Drivers - Treat “$” as blank filter

Bug fixes

  • FIX: All JSON / XML / CSV Drivers - Casting and aggregate functions is not working for the string type data like 0000160209
  • FIX: API Driver - Query Example correction needed for generic_endpoint (should be changed to generic_request)
  • FIX: Data Gateway - Catalog / Schema Name with Dash, dot or space cause issue
  • FIX: Data Gateway - JDBC Bridge - Power BI Error - Communication Link failure - When underscore or dot found in object name
  • FIX: Data Gateway - No tables / schema listed for some drivers (e.g. PostgreSQL JDBC) - When JDBC Bridge accessed via SQL Native Client ODBC talking to Gateway
  • FIX: Data Gateway - Salesforce - Many catalogs listed when you connect gateway via SQLNcli driver
  • FIX: Data Gateway - Salesforce - You may get malformed query error in Apps like Power BI when you access in Table selection mode
  • FIX: Data Gateway - Some JDBC fails when catalog (3part query) not supported but App like Power BI sends 3 parts query
  • FIX: JDBC Bridge - Schema name is not used to fetch table fields
  • FIX: JDBC Bridge Driver - Give option [Quote names] to handle quoted names correctly (e.g. column-1 to “column-1” ) when you select table name on the Preview tab
  • FIX: JSON / XML / CSV Driver - Column names with # and ? characters needs proper quoting in auto generated query
  • FIX: JSON / XML / CSV Driver - Some columns with accent / unicode character in the name might not be quoted in auto generated query
  • FIX: Salesforce Driver - Quoted identifiers generated by apps like Power BI throws error