Integrate REST APIs into your SSIS Packages


This article provides a comprehensive guide on utilizing various HTTP methods, authentication techniques, and downloading files like images, music, or zip files using SSIS.



HTTP Methods

GET Method

POST Method

  • Sends data to the server to create a new resource.
  • Example:


PUT Method

  • Updates or replaces an existing resource on the server.
  • Example:
    • URL:
    • Method: PUT
    • Body: {"name": "new name," "lastname": "new last name", "age":35}

PATCH Method

  • Updates an existing resource on the server partially.
  • Example:

Auth Methods

Basic Authentication

Digest Authentication

Bearer Authentication

OAuth Methods

  • Detailed information is available in our article here.

Download Files

To download an image:

Video tutorial


This article covers various HTTP methods, authentication mechanisms, and file downloads using SSIS. For further assistance or inquiries, contact our support team via chat on our website or through email at


  • Examples from this page
  • OAuth examples here