Inserting values into [Person] type column in SharePoint, ODBC


You want to insert or update multiple values in a Person data-type column using ZappySys SharePoint Online Connector using SSIS in a Microsoft SharePoint Online List:


There is no straightforward way to accomplish this in the API Destination, and some additional configuration must be done. Let’s not waste time and proceed to the solution!


Suppose you want to insert or update multiple values in the Person data-type column in the ManyPersons column. In that case, you must pass Person IDs as JSON array to the ManyPersonsLookupId column:

INSERT INTO SharePoint_List(Title, ManyPersonsLookupId, "fields.ManyPersonsLookupId@odata\u002Etype")
VALUES ('John Doe', '[11,22,33]', 'Collection(Edm.Int32)')

You must also insert/update into an additional column with this name:


And pass this value:


IMPORTANT: The column name has to follow this format if your column name is different than “ManyPersons”:


NOTE: You have to repeat the above procedure for each column you are trying to insert or update