How to encrypt data with MD5 hash in SSIS


This article guides you through how to use MD5 hash in SSIS.



  1. Drag and drop an SSIS component; in our case, we will use the REST API task.
  2. Open the field where you want to use the encryption hash.
  3. Use the following format for encryption:
  • Secret Key: The string you want to use to produce a hash. Suppose the secret key is Non-Base64 (e.g., a password, not Base64); append’-- non-base64’ afterward.
  • input_string: A string you want to produce a hash.

Plain text

  1. In our example, we will use the Body with plain text and encrypt it:
    <<a2V5MTIz||Hi my password is Z316,FUN_HMAC_MD5>>

With variable

  1. In this example, we created three variables: the secret key, input, and for the encryption function:
Input_string: Hi my password is Z316
Secret_key: a2V5MTIz
MD5HashVar (with expressions): @[User::Secret_key] +"||" +@[User::Input_string]

  1. Now use the variable with the function inside our component like this:


Following these steps, you can easily encrypt your data. For assistance or inquiries, contact our support team via chat on our website or through email at


Refer to our Format Specifiers / Placeholder Functions article for more detailed information.