How to create ODBC DSN from command line / PowerShell automation script


Many times our users ask how to automate installing ODBC PowerPack and also create ODBC DSN from command line or any setup script then you can use steps describe in this topic.


To automate installing ODBC Powerpack from command line follow these steps

Now lets look at how to automate creation of ODBC DSN.
Step-1: Create desired DSN manually as a template. Steps described here

Step-2: open regedit.exe (you can type regedit on command line)

Step-3: Navigate to ODBC DSN node like below.
NOTE: If you like to create DSN which can be used by Service Account or any user on the machine then create System DSN (if 64bit process use 64bit else use 32bit)

For User DSN (32/64-bit both) go here: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\ODBC\ODBC.INI\

For System DSN (64-bit) go here:
For System DSN (32-bit) go here:

Step-4: Right click on the DSN node you like to export and click export. Save to local path e.g. c:\temp\my-dsn.reg

Export Registry node - ODBC User DSN

It creates a registry file like below if you open in text editor. Feel free to edit.

if you double click this file it imports back to same location where you exported from. So becareful if you edit and double click. It only changes that one node only which you exported.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Driver"="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\ZappySys\\ODBC PowerPack\\ApiDriver86\\ZappySys.Odbc.Api.dll"

Step-6: Now its time to automate importing this file.

For very simple example try below command on command line
reg import for ODBC DSN - command line

Call reg import from DOS batch file

reg import c:\temp\my-odbc-dsn.reg

Call reg import from PowerShell script file

powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -File "C:\Scripts\Restore-DSN.ps1"

in the Restore-DSN.ps1 you can have something like below

&reg import "c:\temp\my-odbc-dsn.reg"

Create ODBC DSN using PowerShell / Command line - Restore Registry)

Video Tutorial - How to create ODBC DSN for API Driver


In this post you saw how easy it is to automate creation of DSN for ZappySys ODBC Drivers or any 3rd party ODBC Driver DSN. If you encounter any challenges or have specific use cases, please contact our support team via chat or ticket.