How to Copy Gateway / ODBC settings to another server or new data source


In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of seamlessly transferring ODBC Data Source to a new server or within the same machine but to different applications like ODBC/Gateway, while preserving their settings. Additionally, we’ll address the scenario of transitioning from User-DSN to System-DSN or ZappySys DataGateway, providing practical solutions for your data management needs.

Let’s say i have multiple Data Sources in the ZappySys Data Gateway or in the ODBC DSN. Now, I’d like to transfer/copy them to another server or in odbc/gateway with the exact same settings. Alternatively, if you’ve initially configured User DSN and now need to create System DSN or in the ZappySys DataGateway with the exact same settings, how can I achieve this?

Exploring the “Copy Settings” Feature for ODBC Drivers

We can efficiently export settings for a single data source using the “Copy Settings” feature below, enabling you to export one data source at a time.However, We currently do not provide a bulk export tool for all data sources under ODBC DSN.

Export Settings from DSN / Data Gateway

For instance, let’s say you’ve configured data sources on the DEV server, and now you want to set up the same data sources on the PROD server.Below are the steps to accomplish this task seamlessly.

Go to the Source Machine (e.g. DEV server)

  1. To export Data Gateway Settings: begin by searching for gateway in the Windows search bar, then select ZappySys Data Gateway.
    To export ODBC Settings: Search for ODBC in the Windows Start menu search and select the ODBC Data Source (64/32 - bit) app according to your preferences.
  2. Select your Data Source from the list and Click Edit (for ZappySys Data Gateway) or Configure Button (For ODBC DSN).
  3. Once the Data Source UI is open, you’ll need to copy two pieces of information and paste them into a notepad or text editor.
  4. First, copy the data source name from the top portion. (*Name is optional. If you want to define a different name for the new data source, you’re free to do so.)
  5. After clicking ‘Copy Connection String’, you can choose either the 3rd option or the 1st, based on your preferences.
    1. (All Settings) - if you want to Transfer everything, including Custom Stored Procs / Virtual Tables
    2. (Connection String) - if you want to copy the driver configuration only, without Custom Stored Procs / Virtual Tables

      6.That’s it, and you will see a popup window stating that connection settings have been copied to the clipboard.
      Connection settings copied

Go to the Target Machine (e.g. PROD Server)

  1. Once you have the connection string of the original data source, you can navigate to the target machine or desired application and create a new data source on ODBC or Data Gateway.
  2. Name the new data source exactly the same as the original source.
  3. Once the blank UI appears, you can click on “Load settings” button.
  4. That’s it, the data source is created. You can repeat these steps for each data source setting you would like to transfer.

Export All Data Sources from Gateway UI

In the new version 1.1.4 and higher, you can export and import all data sources in a single step. Please refer to the screenshot below. However, please note that this option will only work in ZappySys Data Gateway and not in ODBC DSN.


In summary, transferring data sources between servers or switching DSN setups can be tricky. In this article, we’ve shown you how to smoothly move data sources to a new server while keeping their settings unchanged. We’ve also tackled the switch from User DSNs to System DSNs in ZappySys DataGateway, offering practical solutions for your data management needs. With these tips, you can handle data source management more effectively. If you encounter any challenges or have specific use cases, please contact our support team via chat or ticket.