Can we use or install ZappySys ODBC PowerPack on a Linux server?

ZappySys ODBC PowerPack is primarily designed for Windows environments and does not have native support for Linux installations.

Unfortunately, there is no direct install option for Linux and writing drivers for Linux OS. Also many User interface elements we like to provide not easily available on Linux.

If you’re connecting to ZappySys Data Gateway running on a Windows box from a Linux environment, it’s recommended to use the MS SQL ODBC Driver for Linux.

Many use cases for the Data Gateway are outlined in this document:

Informatica on Linux → ZappySys Data Gateway (on Windows) → API Sources
If the Linux ODBC Driver for MSSQL can’t connect to ZappySys Datagateway from Informatica for some reason then you can always use FREE SQL Expression Edition and use the Linked Server approach.

Informatica on Linux → SQL Server (Linked Server) → ZappySys Datagateway (on Windows) → API Sources

How to use ODBC PowerPack for Informatica instance on Linux for Informatica to read from REST / JSON / XML