Can SSIS PowerPack be Used with Azure Managed Instance Servers?

Answer: No

SSIS PowerPack is not compatible with Azure Managed Instance Servers. The architecture and limitations of Azure Managed Instance Servers prevent the direct utilization of SSIS PowerPack. Unlike traditional SQL Server installations where SSIS PowerPack is commonly employed for enhanced ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, the managed nature of Azure Instances restricts the direct interaction with underlying components and, as a result, prevents the integration of SSIS PowerPack functionalities with Azure Managed Instance Servers.

For Azure SQL Managed Instance setups, you don’t have direct access to the underlying operating system, and you can’t install third-party components or software directly on the server.

Limited Access:

Azure SQL Managed Instance provides a highly controlled environment.
You have access to the SQL Server instance and databases, but you do not have administrative access to the underlying operating system.
This means you cannot install software or components at the OS level.