Access Mailchimp API ins SSIS

In this article, we’ll demonstrate how to connect to Mailchimp using ZappySys tools, allowing you to retrieve data. Utilizing Mailchimp’s API is a powerful way to integrate your marketing data seamlessly.

We will show you two methods about how to use the token key for the authentication, you need to create the token here with your logged account. More information in the Mailchimp API documentation here

Authentication via Token Key with API source: Method 1

  1. Begin by setting up a Data Flow in your SSIS package.

  2. Inside the Data Flow, drag and drop the API Source component.

  3. Create a new connection by clicking on Select Connection within the API Source.

  4. From the Choose from popular connector list, opt for the MailChimp connector, and proceed.

  5. Choose API KEY as the authentication type, and provide the required information. Note: Identify the DC (Data Center) in the initial part of your MailChimp URL, e.g., implies us1 is the DC.

  6. Test the connection to ensure its validity and save the configuration.

  7. Within the API Source, select the desired table/endpoint from the list.

  8. Utilize the preview button to examine the retrieved information.

Authentication via Token Key: Method 2

  1. Drag the ZS REST API Task from the SSIS Toolbox.

  2. Configure the task by setting the URL Access mode to Url from Connection.

  3. Choose New HTTP Connection from the dropdown.

  4. Input your valid URL, typically in the format https://{dc}, where {dc} is your Mailchimp Data Center.

  5. In Credential type select Use userid/password.

  6. Enter any fake userid (ignored) and your valid API Key in the Password field.

  7. Save the HTTP connection settings.

  8. Click Test Request to verify the connection. A successful test will display the message: health_status: Everything’s Chimpy.

Authentication via Token Key: Method 3 (Using API Key in Header)

  1. Drag the ZS REST API Task from the SSIS Toolbox.
  2. Enter your valid URL, e.g., https://{dc}
  3. In the Headers section, add Authorization: Bearer <API-KEY> to authenticate using the API key.
  4. Click Test Request to confirm the successful connection, displaying the message: health_status: Everything’s Chimpy.

Now that you’ve successfully authenticated, you can make further API calls, such as fetching all campaigns:


With the filter $.campaigns[*], you can retrieve all campaigns associated with your Mailchimp account.

Connecting to Mailchimp using ZappySys tools provides a streamlined approach to data integration and retrieval. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, feel free to contact our support team via chat on our website or through email at